Offshore Staffing for Customer Support


We can hire you a professional team of customer support agents who will use their expert knowledge of customer success to meet the needs of consumers throughout the sales cycle. Our offshore staffing solution encompasses all aspects of our operations, from hiring top professionals, to implementing best operational practices and providing effective managerial support. However big or small your customer base is, we want to be your partner in delivering the best experience for your customers.

Job Roles You Can Outsource

Chat Support Specialist

77% of shoppers want to talk to an actual person before purchasing anything online. That’s 77% of sales you could’ve closed if only you had a chat support specialist to answer their questions right away. And what’s even more important? They can help build relationships with your customers, making them want to come back and purchase more from you!

Now, as your business partner, we understand your goals in wanting to improve your sales, which is why we can provide excellent chat support specialists who can earn your customers’ trust. Not only that, we make sure that they possess the qualities of top-notch chat support, including the patience to handle the toughest cases, the ability to respond quickly for low “first reply time”, can effectively navigate through help desk software, and accurate data entry skills.

Email Support Specialist

Email marketing is not dead and will continue to live on to attract and retain customers — if you know how to use it to your advantage. You have to remain relevant to make your email strategy to be effective, and that involves having personalized and data-driven content. So, what better way to do that than to have an email support specialist to help?

More than a BPO — we are also your partner. With years of experience in catering to a variety of industries, we are able to find and hire cost-effective email support services who can help you reach your customer satisfaction goals. Email support representatives will help you manage and monitor your customers’ concerns, issues, and inquiries, all while providing professional, personal, and quality email content.

Voice Support Specialist

Great voice support specialists must have strong interpersonal skills to manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls and seize opportunities to upsell your products and/or services. Their support will give your business a more engaging and sustainable relationship with customers, an accurate pool of data on customer needs, and a greater ability to meet qualitative and quantitative targets.

To date, we possess the expertise in hiring voice customer service support as well as customer relationship management. We help relieve you of hiring and training staff through our cost-effective outsourcing services and customized voice support packages. This includes working hours and days of operation that meet your business needs and the demands of your customers.

Omnichannel Support

If there’s anything that can boost overall customer experience, omnichannel support is what you should be looking for. It’s an all-encompassing system that integrates all your support channels seamlessly to cater to whatever your customer currently needs — no matter what device or channel they’re using.

With years of industry experience, we know the essence of having omnichannel support that is driven to help you improve your speed in answering customer concerns, reduce abandonment rate, and increase customer service and satisfaction. Whether it’s hiring support for mobile, app, email, live chat, or social media, you can rest assured we can take off that huge load off your shoulders.

Technical Support Specialist

Although tedious, supporting your customers with their concerns regarding technical issues is important if you want them to keep on using your product. With that, you’re going to need technical support specialists with great communication skills, quick problem-solving skills, and a whole lot of patience.

As someone who wants to help your business grow, we provide you with the technical support specialists who are a good fit for your business. Our standards in choosing tech support ensure that you have someone who can respond to customer queries quickly and accurately, identify your customer’s needs and address them accordingly, analyze and report product malfunctions, and start and end customer concerns on a high note.


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