Offshore Staffing for Accounting & Bookkeeping


Outsource accounting and bookkeeping operations to the Philippines with KDCI Outsourcing. Hire Philippine accountants with the right specialized skills and suitable work experience to help you with incoming and outgoing payments, financial reporting, tax compliance in accordance with your local taxation laws, and other administrative and procedural tasks. With over 188,000 certified public accountants in the Philippine workforce, with 7,000 joining each year, you can be sure to find the best suited candidate for your needs.

Our offshore staffing solution encompasses all aspects of our operations, from hiring top professionals, to implementing best operational practices and providing effective managerial support. With an offshore accounting team, you can enjoy savings of up to 70% in labor and operational costs.

Job Roles You Can Outsource

Bookkeeper / Accountant

Looking for a reliable bookkeeper/accountant can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. You need someone with great personality and can handle financial statements, accounts receivable and payable, ledger reviews, payroll management, and other managerial accounting tasks. With the right person, that’s a lot of things you can scratch off your to-do list.

As your business partner, we guarantee to only recruit quality bookkeepers or accountants who have the same desire to help you as we do. You can expect to have experts in your local taxation laws who are experienced in using Quickbooks, SAP, Xero, or any other accounting software that you need.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts payable specialists need to make sure that your bills are paid and produce records for your financial transactions for tax time. Therefore, you need someone who is reliable when it comes to time management, attention to detail, and organization skills.

With our experience in offshore staffing for accounting and bookkeeping, we know what it takes to find and hire accounts payable specialists who best fit your business. Guaranteed, they’ll be able to know how to handle vendor correspondence, purchase orders and incoming invoices, process remittance information, perform wire transfers, ACH transactions, drafts, and more!

Accounts Receivable Specialist

As someone responsible for collecting payments for your company, you’re going to need an accounts receivable specialist who is organized and keen on project management. Although essential, looking for a dependable specialist can take a lot of time from your schedule if you want to ensure that they’re a good fit.

Having us as your business partner lifts off the task of finding and hiring a reputable accounts receivable specialist. We make sure that they know how to communicate with your customers to request and arrange payments, properly track and enter payments into your database, and create reports and balance sheets to document your profit and losses.

Financial Statement Prep

The financial statement prep of your accounting cycle is the most essential step that you can’t miss. We understand the essence of filling this position in your business, which is why we go out of our way to choose the best person for you.

With our experience, we know the skills that one must have to properly perform financial statement preparations. We only hire people who have the ability to prepare monthly financial statements, can ensure you are compliant with internal accounting procedures and local statutory requirements, capable of maintaining accurate records (ledgers, journals, receipts, invoices, etc.), perform P&L analysis, and other tasks that you will need for financial statement preparation.

Revenue Accounting Expert

Finding someone who can self-motivate, multitask, and analyze executive finance can be difficult if you’re doing it on your own. On top of that, a revenue accounting expert must also be capable of doing other tasks like handling checks and balances, managing your finances, and updating tracking sheets for revenue.

Through our expertise in offshore staffing, you can rely on us when it comes to finding qualified people that fit your needs. Rest assured, you can rely on them to handle daily receipts, spreadsheet files, preparing monthly financial statements, and other tasks required from a revenue accounting expert.


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